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The DeckLock is a two part locking device that leverages the strengths of a “hockey-puck” shackleless style lock to provide the highest level of available security for a roll-up style door. Because this locking solution is not permanently installed, it is a portable system that can be used on more than one truck or trailer roll-up door.


The two components of the DeckLock are all made of steel ~ with the hockey-puck being hardened steel. The body of the DeckLock is solid extruded steel which is ¼” thick, is welded to the hockey-puck. The locking bridge and hasp located in the back of the DeckLock is a combination of ¼” steel and ½” steel!


- Two versions available designed to fit WHITING® or TODCO® roll-up style doors.


- Hidden shackle design impervious to bolt cutter attack.


- Body made from solid extruded steel, CNC'd, hardened, and then

zinc-plated in the U.S.A. to exact standards.


- Entire assembly is black powder-coated in the U.S.A. for superior rust protection.


- Requires no installation of any hasp and is a completely

portable solution.


- Extremely high security locking solution that does not interfere with

installing a security seal.


- Limitless keying options.


- Includes the "PAC-BAND" all-weather cover option. The PAC-BAND

is a high-grade silicone band that affixes to your lock and covers the cylinder opening preventing debris from entering the cylinder which provides additional protection against the elements.





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