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The HaspLock Pro is designed, manufactured, tested, and distributed in the United States. The genius behind the HaspLock Pro is its unique “hasp groove” design that allows this shackless padlock to work with a multitude of swing-door hasps. Unlike traditional hockey-puck style locks, the HaspLock Pro fits snug against all compatible hasps thereby preventing bolt cutters and hacksaws from directly accessing your hasp and bar. This design doesn’t just protect itself, but it also protects the hasp as well!


PACLOCK’s Trucker Series products are manufactured in the U.S.A. ensuring dependability, durability, and longevity. The HaspLock Pro is crafted from an extruded solid steel bar and then heat treated and plated  to provide unsurpassed protection from the elements. This makes our locking solution impervious to the dreaded "freeze attack" that is prevalent with locking solutions based on die-casting technology.

Like all of PACLOCK’s “Trucker Series,” this lock is tough.


Our “PRO” Series locks come standard with another industry first ~ a weather resistant “PAC-BAND.”  The PAC-BAND is a high grade silicone band that affixes to your lock with two field replaceable screws.  The PAC-BAND covers the cylinder opening preventing debris from entering the cylinder.  This ensures longevity of your 6-pin cylinder ultimately providing a long lasting security solution. PACLOCK’s 6-pin cylinder has also passed rigorous ASTM testing for anti-bump and anti-pick, making the HaspLock Pro a high quality security device.


- Solid extruded steel, CNC'd, hardened, and then plated in the U.S.A. to exact standards offers superior resistance to drill or saw attacks and the elements.


- Only design on the market to protect the arm, the hinge, and the hinge pin from attack.


- Very few moving parts insures long life and durability.


- Works with most swing-type style doors.


- No installation of hasps required, completely portable solution.


- Includes the "PAC-BAND" all-weather cover option. The PAC-BAND

is a high-grade silicone band that affixes to your lock and covers the cylinder opening preventing debris from entering the cylinder which provides additional protection against the elements.


- Limitless keying options.





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