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"PAC-KEEPER" Key Control

The PAC-KEEPER is physical key control at its best! Made in the USA from stainless steel and brass, this innovative product will protect your most important keys by insuring that the key is either returned or that you have proof of whom it was that left the premises with your key. In order to remove the trapped key, the user must insert his operator key ~ the roles reverse and the operator key now becomes the trapped key!


- "PAC-KEEPER-SFIC" works with any SFICs from Arrow®, Best®, KSP® and many others!


- "PAC-KEEPER-KiK" works with any Key-in-Knob cylinders from Schlage®, Medeco®, Kwikset®, and many others!


- Never-before-seen raised shoulder protects the keyhead from being maliciously snapped off.


- Ball bearing locking, this is the first padlock designed to protect your keys!


- Can be mounted with or without the supplied backplate for added security. Combine with a "PAC-KEEPER BOX" to conceal the PAC-KEEPER and its important trapped key. Stores up to 3 PAC-KEEPERS.


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