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Proving that PACLOCK is leading the charge towards the padlocks of the future, the PACLINK is the most secure method possible for locking up anything with a steel chain.


The PAC-LINK system is a patented, stainless steel investment casting and innovative way to use a hockey-puck with a chain! Perfect for gate enclosures! Eliminates the vulnerability of using shackled padlocks to chain up an enclosure.


Sold as a kit including the PAC-LINK base, Hockey-Puck (select the hockey-puck style that works for you from the list below), and one meter length of 12mm thick square chain encased in black Pacific Lock nylon sleeve.


PAC-LINK System comes with your choice of Hockey-Puck*:

• 2180

• 2180-IC2

• KiK-2180

• FSIC-2180

• LFIC-2180


*Cores/cylinders not included.


"PAC-LINK" Chain Locking Solution *CHAIN INCLUDED*
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