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• Perfect for use with small frame applications where space is limited.


Short side of "PL775" Hasp

measures 2.0" x 4.5"


"PL775" Hasp shown with KiK-2171

Hockey-puck (puck not included)

• Offers additional security with two hidden 5/16" bolt holes protected by the hockey-puck padlock when in use.


The newly redesigned "PL775" Hasp increases both security and convenience when used with our hockey-pucks. Our hasp is the only one on the market to offer two hidden 5/16" bolt holes protected by the padlock itself. Our "PL775" hasp also has the ability to securely attach our "2171" hockey-puck lock to one side of the hasp so the lock stays affixed to the hasp when unlocked.


- The "PL775" Hasp has one short side that measures 2.0" x 4.5" when space is limited and is made from 1/4" thick steel and then zinc plated for extra weather resistance.


- Works best with the "Flat-Back" Hockey-Pucks:

  • 2171, KiK-2171, 2171-IC2, LFIC-2171 and FSIC-2171 Series which are specifically designed to attach to one side of hasp base with two 1/4" screw holes (screws included with hockey-puck, not with hasp). Cores not included.
  • 2170 and 2170A Rekeyable Series
  • Patented 2170-IC2 and 2170A-IC2 Series (for Interchangeable Core). Cores not included.
  • Patented KiK-2170 and KiK-2170A Series (for 6-pin Key-in-Knob Cylinders). Cylinders not included.
  • Patented FSIC-2170 and FSIC-2170A Series (for use with Schlage®'s Full-Size Interchangeable Core). Cores not included.
  • Patented LFIC Hockey-puck Series (for use with Yale®, Medeco® and ASSA® Large Format Interchangeable Cores). Cores not included.


- Hasp ears can be mounted either using carriage bolts (not supplied) or by directly welding to your application.


- Pair with a set of our PL775 Backplates for more stability when mounting.


- Hockey-Puck not included (order separately from a variety of options).

• Exclusive design works with our "2171" hockey-puck lock that can be attached to hasp base with two 1/4" screws for added convenience. No more figuring out what to do with your lock when hasp is unlocked.

For Use With Recommended Products:

2170 Series Hockey-puck

KiK-2170 Series Hockey-puck

2170A-IC2 Series Hockey-puck

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